URS Corporation, 2005 – 2014

Provider of engineering, construction and technical services. 

IT Solutions Department Manager 

Build and manage Application Development, Geographical Information Systems, and Data Management departments. Lead system strategy, design, development and implementation for government and private sector contracts ranging 1 to 10 years and annual budgets from $25,000 to over $15 billion in regions across the country. Responsible for leading cross-functional teams in the application of new technology from ideation to implementation.

Notable Accomplishments:

  • Utilized SharePoint to facilitate communication and data entry to a single server for team members across several locations for the California High Speed Train
  • Department of Water Resources: Created technology approach for the Field Service Reconnaissance Program. Developed custom database that reduced data management costs by 75%. Managed project system staff.
  • Created Caltrans desktop software for Contractors to create Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan documents, ensuring a specific format which eased review while reducing administrative costs to create by 50%.